Men Produce More Testoterone

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Politics is a growing career in many countries because more and more individuals rise from all over the country with the will to lead and represent others. A politician are also referred to as the voice of the people, be it in Parliament, the Senate or even before their own president. This is however not to say that the people cannot channel any of their concerns directly to the president, but rather channel all their issues and concerns in an orderly and acceptable manner so as not to bring about chaos and confusion in the manner in which the politicians implement the manifestos which they sold to the people during their elections.

Each and every civilized country has a constitution which is the rule of law. The constitution clearly highlights who can campaign and vie for a political post, when should the elections be conducted and how the whole election process would be carried out. In the recent days, election processes and procedures have been entrusted to a constitutionally mandated electoral body which oversee the planning, organization, management and control of the whole process. Such bodies are always expected to be independent in all aspects so as to conduct the election process in a fair and just manner according to the constitution.

Many nations all over the world are preparing for their upcoming general elections and in order to gather as many votes and supporters as possible, enough time is given to the aspirants for campaigns. The United States of America is a good example because it is almost at the peak of its campaign period. This period often provides a great challenge of convincing the local citizen of how different it is that you are going to run the government processes. Each aspirant will therefore have to develop his or her own manifesto and make it acceptable by all.

Recent terrorist attacks in different parts of the globe have led to the uproar of many presidential aspirants and opposition parties to condemn their current ruling parties of how incompetent they are in handling and preventing such cases which often shakes the countries from all directions. This in turn mounts so much pressure that if not well taken care of, it may lead to crashing of the government due to pressure. This therefore only shows and proves the fact that not all political parties all share the same views and opinions when it comes to matters pertaining to his the government conducts its processes.

Because each and the very citizen who is of the right age has the right and freedom to run for any post in the political world, citizens who moved into a country a while back also acquire the same rights when it comes politics. This have however led to the development of many questions as to which population actually supports the outsiders and why. A perfect example to this is the presidential battle between Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump. Recent research conducted by SurveyMonkey has led to the realization of the fact that many of Carson’s supporters are from a religious background or believe in religion while those of Trump do not actually consider religion that much. This again leaves a dilemma in our minds as to why is this the case.

Over to India, the assembly elections were recently held and the results acquired were distributed differently across all the constituencies. Some constituencies had more votes for one candidate than the other. Over the past few days, a call for minimum government and maximum governance had led to the development and introduction of an e-governance portal thereby computerizing almost all the government departments. Many bills are so far being introduced with the latest one having to do with the acquisition and maintainance of land. This bill has seen so much dissatisfaction by the governments from both the opposition and the public.

Africa however, has seen quite a number of changes on the constitution and a number of bills. Much more energy is channelled to the development and strengthening of the current political parties. In so doing, a number of political parties have witnessed divorce by some of their members who have sought to shift over to other parties, this could be because they feel that the other parties are much more stronger and would offer them the opportunity to improve on their careers.

Obama Talks With Vladimir At The G-20 Summit

The ongoing G-20 Summit that began on Sunday, has converged many world leaders from different countries, including China, U.S, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia and other major European countries, in the Mediterranean setting of Antyla, Turkey. This served as the perfect chance for different leaders to meet on the sidelines and have private discussions. Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin hade a one on one prior to the opening of the leaders Summit. The two had a sideline meeting lasting over 35 minutes where they had extensive discussions on several issues surrounding the recent Paris attacks that killed 129 people and the current crisis in Syria. It was the first meeting since Russia launched airstrikes in syria which has elicited mixed reactions about the true intentions of the strikes.

Top foreign policy advisor to Russia, Yuri Ushakoz, revealed that the two presidents agreed on a Syrian owned and led political transition that will involve negotiations between the country’s regime and the opposition. These talks will be initiated and mediated by the United Nations (UN). Obama reiterated the importance of the Russian military efforts in Syria and added that any other country’s efforts were welcome in the fight against the Syrian based terrorist group ISIS.The two differed on tactics used and the appoach to take on the issue but pretty much agreed on principle objective. He also used the opportunity to offer his condolences in person to Putin and Russia as a whole for the loss of the lives of Russian citizens in the MetroJet crash.

The two leaders also touched on the Minsk Agreements in Ukraine. Obama told Putin that he fully supported the implementation of the agreement that requires the withdrawal of all foreign figters plus all heavy weapons in place, release of all hostages and return of the Ukraine’s side of the International border to the Ukrainian Government. The heated discussions concluded with light talks about Russian news agencies.

The summit also saw Obama meet with Saudi Arabia’s leader King Alsalman who is a key player in the Syrian war being the closest and main opponent of the Assad terroror group. Barack added that the US is ready to help Turkey and other European countries reduce the number of refugees coming in as a result of the Paris Terrorist attacks on Friday.